ProMeat Conference

Annual Packaging Forum 2017

2nd August 2017 | Expo Centre Karachi Pakistan


Flexible packaging is a rapidly progressing sector in global economies with a growth rate of 3% per annum. Global demand of flexible packaging has reached up to US$ 210 Billion per annum whereas global consumer market of flexible packaging is touching US$ 92.1 Billion which is expected to grow at the rate of 4.4% for the next 5 years.

Consumer flexible packaging in Asia is growing at an average rate of 6.6% per annum. Asia is also the fastest growing region for flexible packaging with a global volume share of 40%

Food & beverages consume almost 75% of all flexible packaging in the world. Meat & fish are the main sectors followed by confectionery and bakery. Food packaging is growing at an average annual rate of 4.0%

According to the Flexible Packaging Association of Converters of Pakistan; FLEXPAC, there are hundreds of small converters in unorganized sector but  the flexible packaging market in Pakistan revolves around 130 organized converters/printers of flexographic and gravure. Total industry output in tonnage is estimated at 1,300,000 tons per year. The size of the plastic film conversion industry is approximately 10m KG/month. The GDP contribution of plastic film converters is 3 to 4% of the entire packaging industry. Value addition in plastic film conversion industry is around 50% and it creates 50,000 direct employments.

Major importing countries for PP, PET & BOPET are China, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman and some European countries.

As the flexible packaging industry of Pakistan is showing diversified growth, The 5th Edition of Annual Packaging Forum invites the industry professionals, brand owners & other stakeholders of the industry to highlight the factors of sustainable growth & point out how to improve them. On the other hand, we expect that the industry will raise those issues which are hampering the progress in the industry. Therefore, the main theme of 5th Annual Packaging Forum is “Flexible Packaging in Pakistan: Issues, Challenges & Opportunities”.




Annual Packaging Forum 2017 will mainly focus on recent developments in commodity & specialty polymers, processing technologies, surface finishings, recent developments in multi-layer, high barrier packaging film structures, extrusion, lamination, coating & adhesives, security & anti counterfeit applications for food and no food items, packaging design and lightweight materials. 5th Annual Packaging Forum is a not to miss event where prominent speakers from industry and academia are going to discuss emerging trends in the changing world of flexible packaging.


·                     Major developments in multi layered high barrier films for meat & fish packaging

·                     Specialty films & laminates for dairy & edible oil packaging

·                     Innovation in polymer films for medical packaging

·                     Mechanical advancements in Extrusion, Lamination & Printing

·                     Retail packaging trends for hyper markets and consumer propensities

·                     Lightweight Packaging, Printing; Labelling & Design Innovation

·                     Stand up pouches & closures

·                     Inks, Chemicals, Adhesives & Masterbatches

·                     Recycling! Know waste to no waste


For further details please contact:

Mr. Mazher Hussain
Pegasus Consultancy
Phone: +9221-111-734-266
Email: conference@pegasus.com.pk



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