Exhibition Space Booking Form

Online Booking Procedure
  • Applications will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis
  • The invoice will be issued by Pegasus Consultancy Pvt. Ltd and sent, by email, to the booking company, within 1 week following the official confirmation, along with the payment procedure
  • Payment can only be made by bank transfer

Company Name and Address (The company name as it should appear in official listings, e.g. in the programme book)

Communication Agency/Stand Builder (if you have appointed a third party to act on your company's behalf)

We wish to opt for the following formula for exhibition space:

I/We require (min. 9 sqm.) of Shell SchemeI/We require (min. 18 sqm.) of Raw SchemeI/We require more space for Shell Scheme / Raw Space

Company or agency to be invoiced